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Over the years we have received so many kind thank you letters!

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  • I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how absolutely amazing the church and reception looked yesterday (and the florals at the brunch this morning were just as gorgeous). Rick and I have a gift for you and a "formal" thank you to share when we return from our honeymoon at the end of April, but wanted to let you know that everything exceeded my expectations in every way.

    Thank you again, Leighsa! I know I've told you this before, but I feel so lucky to have found you - there isn't anyone out there that could have done a better job!
    — Jenny

  • Dear Leighsa,
    Steven and I would like to thank you for helping make our December wedding at the Brazilian Room one of the most special days we've ever experienced. Your designs were quite simply jaw dropping gorgeous! Everyone told me that they'd never seen such beautiful wedding flowers. It was a joy to work with you. Thank you for allowing us to experience your keen eye, intuition and sense of beauty. Very warmly yours.
    — Lisa

  • I just want to say how wonderful all of your arrangements were for Abby's and Joe's wedding! Those for the ceremony site were just right; the three artichokes among other things in the mothers' bouquets were perfect; and the table arrangements were also perfect. You really did reflect Abby's and Joe's style and wishes, and you could not have done a better job!

    The arrangements were also appreciated during the Sunday morning brunch where they were on the tables, and then they were distributed among the local guests. So it was great that your wonderful arrangements were appreciated by many people! Thanks very much.
    — Meg

  • I wanted to thank you so much for making our wedding day one of the most beautiful events I have ever seen! When I walked into the room filled with your flowers, my heart dropped. It was more than I ever could have imagined and guests have been commenting on how beautiful the flowers were. When I look back on our special day, the flowers are one of the first things that come to my mind because they were out of this world and I never expected that. I didn't realize how much they could transform a room and make it spectacular. You are so talented and I loved every minute of the process with you. You were so kind and listened to all of my crazy ideas and I appreciate that. Thank you for everything and I look forward to working with you again in the future!
    — Michelle R.

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  • Thank you so much for your beautiful floral designs made for Eva and Ben¹s wedding. Each time I spoke to you I got the feeling you understood what I wanted without me having to spell out the details. And you apparently did; everything was gorgeous. Do not hesitate to give my name should you need a reference. I really think we got what we wanted without knowing exactly what that was!
    — Dianne

  • Hey Leighsa--just wanted to say thanks for the absolutely beautiful flowers. Everyone was raving. The wedding went great and now we're heading out for the honeymoon. Thanks so much.
    — Christie

  • Leighsa handled the flowers for our wedding last August, and I was simply blown away. I had a chance to get a sneak peek of the reception area all set up (Carneros Inn) before my guests arrived, and I cried. The flowers made the space.

    As a designer, I'm always skeptical about someone's ability to translate a vision into reality. It's hard work, damnit! (and, requires special skills). Leighsa and I talked twice about the vision, and while the lack of communication or prototyping made me super nervous, she really pulled through and it turned out beautifully. Highly recommended!
    — Lisa L.

  • Leighsa did my wedding--the flowers were fantastic and she was great to work with.
    — Cristabel

  • Leighsa did the flowers for my wedding a couple weeks ago and she did an amazing job. First off, Leighsa is just so super sweet (and has the cutest dog Lola--you can't help but lover her). She's so nice to work with. I talked to some other florists, but I just really liked working with Leighsa which is why I went with her in the end (oh, that and she's really talented).

    I gave her some pictures of what I wanted for my chuppah and she matched them perfectly. For the rest of the flowers, I told her we wanted orchids and then let her kinda run with it since flowers weren't huge on my list of important items and she did a fantastic job. I couldn't have been more pleased. Thank you, Leighsa!!
    — Rachel W.

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  • As a wedding photographer believe me when I say I see a lot of wedding flowers! When I come across one Leighsa's arrangements I usually know it right away. They are extremely pretty and a joy to photograph!
    — Andrew Weeks

  • Leighsa Smyser is FANTASTIC! She did the floral design for my wedding at Lake Merced Golf Club last year, and I couldn't have been more satisfied.

    We had a 4-foot tall large urn at the altar, shepherd's hooks w/hanging vases along the aisles, bouquets, corsages, boutonnières, ring basket, wreath for dog, mantelpieces, 16 centerpieces, and more; all pieces were filled with lush beautiful exotic flowers. I wanted design that was modern with clean lines yet lush. The requested colors were orange, fuchsia, and magenta. Leighsa did a knockout job, going above and beyond expectations. Her designs were artistic, and she added in some brown and lime green as complements. I have to say it again and again, everything was gorgeous and lush. I asked for a wreath for my dog (who was in my ceremony), expecting something like a carnation wreath; she used these fuchsia-colored flowers connected by some stems and leaves. It was beautiful! Being familiar with Classic Party Rentals patterns, she helped me pick out 3 tablecloth patterns and napkins; one shimmery orange one with a swirly pattern, a curry colored one, and an orange one in a different shade; the napkins were lime green. The reception room was gorgeous!
    — Anne

  • SERVICE—Leighsa is sooo great to work with. You can tell she loves what she does. She's enthusiastic yet sincere at the same time. When I was stumped for ideas, she always had a great solution. I never felt like she was pushing me to do more things just to sell more flowers or anything of the sort. On the day of the wedding, there were no problems. They showed up and set up all the flowers in a timely manner. The bouquets, etc, arrived in baskets, each piece with a handwritten label attached; it was a nice touch. Their only request was to have water available for the workers.

    Overall, I could have done no better by choosing to work with Leighsa. Dozens of people complimented the flowers, and people didn't even try to take the centerpieces after the wedding b/c they looked so expensive! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a floral event designer.
    — Annie

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  • Dear Leighsa,
    Just a note to let you know that Anya and I we were all so pleased and happy with the floral decor. You are so talented! You were able to create exactly the simple yet elegant and beautiful wintry feel that was so important to the wedding. The chuppah was exquisite. I kept thinking that I was in a dream!

    The table pieces were awesome! The entire wedding was so beautiful and you were such a large part of making it that way. Even the downstairs looked fantastic! You were absolutely right about the transformed the entire space. I couldn't have visualized a more beautiful wedding. You are amazing!

    I just can't stop thinking of how beautiful your arrangements looked on the tables. Anya's words to me before she left for her honeymoon were, "It was all so perfect. Everything was so gorgeous."

    Please feel free to use my name as a reference. I have only raves for you!

    Best wishes for a very happy and healthy new year.
    — Susan W.

  • Hi Leighsa,
    We have returned from our honeymoon and I wanted to email you and thank you for doing such an incredible job on our wedding-Saturday, June 30th. I was blown away when I first saw the bouquets, they were absolutely perfect. The enormous arrangements in the church were breathtakingly gorgeous. And the reception could not have looked more beautiful! I was stunned with the way the dining room turned out- your creativity and eye for color combinations was incredible. I can't tell you how many people commented on how beautiful the flowers were- they were a pivotal part of making the whole thing come together. Thank you for your hard work and flawless execution. We were so blessed by your gift!

    I also wanted to thank you for being so great to work with. I greatly appreciated you meeting me at Classic Party Rentals, your creative eye was so helpful. You were very available through out the whole process and that made for such a good experience. And mostly, I just enjoyed your presence and personality- you were a true joy to be around and work with. Thank you for making my experience so wonderful.

    I have been inspired by your creativity and gift and again, want to thank you for sharing it with us. It made our wedding amazing!

    I do hope you are well and wish all the very best moving forward in your career. I hope we will cross paths again.
    — All the best, Tiina and Joshin L.

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  • I really wanted to thank you for making my wedding flowers so BEAUTIFUL! I couldn't believe how amazing everything looked. You really did a wonderful job and it made my day all the more special. Thanks Again!!!
    — Michelle

  • Leighsa is the most artistic and talented florist you will ever meet. Pics of our wedding flowers are on her website - they were more beautiful than I ever could have imagined
    — Jean

  • I am just getting started with Leighsa to plan the flowers / decor for my wedding. I love the way she is organized and has many fabulous ideas and props. The flat screen in her office was a great help to see the types of flowers she was suggesting. I gave a vague description of what I envisioned, and she knew exactly how to achieve the style. She always responds to my questions very quickly and is clear about how this whole wedding thing works. It is all new to me, and I appreciate her vast experience.
    — Anonymous

  • I have seen Branch Out's work several times now, and am always blown away by the quality! The flowers are always fresh and beautiful, the innovative, artistic design is outstanding, and the all-around professionalism is exceptional. I highly recommend Branch Out!

    After just a few minutes of meeting with Leighsa of Branch Out, I knew she was the right person to provide the floral design for our wedding. She has so many wonderful ideas and yet took the time to listened to my thoughts too. With this winning combination Leighsa created wedding flowers which exceeded my expectations. Thank you Leighsa!
    — Anonymous

  • Amazing floral arrangements perfectly suited to the occasion. Great staff.
    — Carol

  • It was a genuine pleasure working with Leighsa on my wedding. She is so thoughtful to your needs and brings so much to the table. Her creations were absolutely spectacular and took my breath away. I can't give her enough kudos.
    — Jamie

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  • I have worked with Leighsa many times, and every time she amazes me with wonderful work!
    — Anonymous

  • Branch Out Floral and Event Design has the best all-around satisfaction. The execution is breathtaking! The service and ideas are impeccable! My vote by FAR! Leighsa's creativity and ingeniousness is what makes the difference! Luv you Leighsa!
    — Vanessa

  • Leighsa is a master of floral design and imagination. She listens to what we wanted and the final result was absolutely magnificent!! Anyone looking for a beautiful result in their wedding floral arrangement, Leighsa is the lady!! I would recommend her services to anyone seeking excellence.
    — Linda T.

  • We loved our wedding flowers. Everything, from the personals to the alter arrangements was done to perfection. When opened the white box tied with a ribbon in our wedding color I gasped and told everyone to come over because our bouquets were so beautiful. Leighsa took my idea of using origami cranes in our floral arrangements and exceeded my expectations by far. Her attention to detail was phenomenal and gave us a lot of other design ideas to incorporate to create the mood and style we wanted for our wedding. I would recommend Branch Out Floral and Leighsa to anyone. She is relaxed and laid-back which is great for brides yet is still on top of everything. On top of that we found her pricing reasonable and competitive. Thank you Leighsa and Branch Out!
    — Andi

  • Leighsa at Branch Our Floral is simply the BEST in the industry.
    — Jacques, Hyegraph Inviations

  • Beautiful person and flowers!
    — Luna

  • Leighsa is truly creative and brings magic to any room.
    — Anonymous

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  • By far the coolest thing I have ever seen done with flowers!!!! It was simply amazing!!!
    — Steve

  • Outstanding in her field...incredibly creative, and intensely professional. She works with true dedication to her craft and never ceases to amaze me with her designs...
    — Linda Hylen/ Julia Morgan Ballroom

  • Leighsa the owner of Branch Out has the ability to bring the ideas of the bride and groom to fruition. Her attention to every detail is reflected in her web site. Each floral event design reflects care and artistry resulting in unsurpassed beauty.
    — Anonymous

  • Professionally trained and with loads of experience, Leighsa Montrose has the eye for beauty and design. Her selection of flowers and accessories is second to none. She really knows how to turn a plain room into an elegant experienced.
    — Stuart Steetow / AC Vieography

  • Branch Out Floral is by far the best floral design company in Northern California. Branch Out's attention to detail and ability to come up with the most innovative designs that truly spark the imagination, is quite literally beyond compare. And Branch Out is flawless in their delivery -- always on time -- just like clock work, seamless and impeccable in executing every aspect of floral and event design. I LOVE their work!
    — Leslie

  • Leighsa Montrose of Branch Out does beautiful work with outstanding customer service. I recently attended an event that Leighsa decorated and was inspired by her exquisite designs. I happily recommend Leighsa to my clients knowing the high quality experience they will receive.
    — Rudi Halbright / Halbright Studio

  • Leighsa and her team are AMAZING! I had a great experience working with them when I was a wedding planner. Leighsa was always very professional and creative with the weddings that I planned. She is a down to earth, passionate person and businesswoman. I was honored to work with her.
    — Lora

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